ART Spotlight, By Dr. Michael Leahy Wednesday, August 17, 2001 ART Spotlight Article: Eric came to an ART provider as a "last resort".
This week, I'd like to tell you about Eric. Eric came to an ART provider as a "last resort". The pain on the back of his hand was so bad that he couldn't drive himself to the office. He had been to orthopedic specialists, neurological specialists and had physical therapy. He tried heat, ice, EMS, ultrasound, splints, braces, stretches and exercises. His condition got worse. He was unable to continue at his job, which involved using a computer.

When Eric was first examined by his ART provider, his wrist was extremely tender and he could hardly move it. Making a fist was impossible for him. The first treatment involved a gentle introduction to ART and the movements it involved. It was obvious that his wrist extensors were extremely tight. After 2 treatments, there was some improvement, but not enough. The third treatment focused on the extensor tendons and their relationship to something called the extensor retinaculum.

The extensor retinaculum is a band of tissue that surrounds the wrist like a bracelet. The tendons pass under this band before attaching in various places in the hand. Sometimes the tendons can become stuck to the retinaculum. This is what was really causing Eric's problem. His other providers had not looked at the relationship between the tendons and the retinaculum. ART is the perfect treatment choice for this condition.

Eric called after the third visit to tell his ART provider how much better he felt. He was on a trip, but he was so excited about how good his hand felt that he took the time to call. He wanted to confirm his next appointment. He came straight from the airport, and he drove himself. Today his condition has greatly improved and he can use his hand normally. ART providers all over the world have similar experiences day in and day out. That's what makes being an ART provider so rewarding: the ability to help someone feel better and perform at their best, even when you are their "last resort."