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Welcome to the Sterling Touch, founded by Barbra DeVries, R.N. We are an ART (Active Release Technique) provider, dedicated to helping people relieve their pain, in addition to offering a variety of consulting and teaching services in the healthcare field. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about us.

Whatever your nursing management needs, Barbra DeVries, RN, has the practical experience, knowledge and wisdom to help you meet the challenge. Barbra's 30 years of nursing experience has honed her skills in a wide variety of patient care applications, including facility quality assurance, patient care protocol development, and staffing and training. Her passion for communicating and sharing her knowledge with others makes her more "coach" than "consultant." Clients and co-workers say they feel empowered, confident and more capable after working with Barbra. Barbra is a licensed RN in Washington, as well as being experienced and certified in teaching "Dementia, Mental Health, Fundamentals of Caregiving and Nurse Delegation."

Barbra's commitment to direct hands-on care of patients has motivated her to add A.R.T. - Active Release Technique -to her unique mix of capabilities. This form of soft-tissue injury diagnosis and treatment works to resolve pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves throughout the body. This form of injury repair and treatment is successful in reducing or eliminating pain in 95% of patients, with a very low recurrence rate. Many times this form of injury repair allows the patient to avoid surgery. To learn more, please visit our ART page.

With a commitment to community, Barbra is a member of Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce and the Skagit Island County Builders Association.

Coming soon! Having successfully certified in all 3 Active Release Technique (ART) modules, with over 500 separate protocols, Barbra will be adding "Bio-Mechanics" to the services offered in the near future. Barbra DeVries, RN Bio Mechanics is especially successful in helping athletes and sports enthusiasts achieve improved and optimum performance. The ART provider focuses on more than just the area of complaint. Areas above and below the complaint area may be affected as well. Treatment includes analysis and determination of which structures are affected and identifying the antagonistic and primary structures that are causing an imbalance. Once the affected areas have been identified, the restrictions are removed. Patients see an immediate improvement in their sports performance; from their running speed, to the power of their golf stroke, to an ability to throw harder and with more speed. Watch our website for more information coming soon.