"I had put up with a very painful shoulder for some time, and then heard about Active Release Technique that my friend Barb DeVries had taken up. I was a little skeptical, but willing to give it a try. After two treatments the pain and tightness were gone and it has not returned. I would have no problem recommending Active Release Technique! Barb's gentle concern is so comforting."

Pat Anderson, retired, Burlington, Washington


"I am writing this letter in testament of Barbra DeVries and Active Release Technique. My name is Tina Riggins and I have worked in the electrical field for the past 20 years. My work often requires me to be in awkward positions for long periods of time, creating a strain on my back and shoulders. Three years ago, I began having problems with my right shoulder. I have tried massage therapy, ice and heat treatments and medication, all with little or no results. Then, Barbra contacted me and offered to help treat my problem. After the second session, I began to feel considerably better. There was much less discomfort and I was able to sleep through the night. In only two more sessions I was completely pain free. I attribute my physical improvement entirely to Barbra's efforts and skills, and ART. I would recommend her and ART highly."

Tina Riggins, journeyman electrician, Sedro Woolley, Washington


"Recently I have had Active Release Technique treatments from Barbra DeVries. These treatments have been of great help to my wrist and tennis elbow condition. I have had great improvement in movement and reduction of pain. Barbra is very knowledgeable in this treatment. She is very professional and very concerned with the healing process for my condition. I would highly recommend her and Active Release Technique for the care of anyone suffering from pain associated with physical conditions."

Asher Cohen, tennis instructor, Burlington, Washington


"Following an accident in which I suffered a broken left femur and major trauma to my leg and knee, I became convinced that the benefits of traditional physical therapy and home exercise would be limited unless I could somehow break up extensive internal scar tissue to promote faster and better recovery of flexibility and range of motion. A few months into physical therapy I learned about A.R.T. The extent and density of scar tissue was a major challenge, but successive A.R.T. sessions provided progressively faster improvement, ultimately achieving a major breakthrough in flexibility, strength, and movement. A.R.T. has been an invaluable and integral part of my ongoing physical recovery and has helped greatly to restore normal functioning."

Ed Knight, AICP, Mount Vernon, Washington


"After receiving some information on Active Release Therapy from a friend, I did some research on the internet and thought this might be something to try to relieve my carpal tunnel symptoms rather than having surgery. Both my right and left wrists were in pain which radiated down into my forefingers and thumbs. Numbness was also an aggravating symptom! I was sleeping with braces on both my right and left wrist, waking often from the pain and not getting the rest I needed. This made it very difficult to do computer work consistently and the constant pain made it hard to concentrate. In addition to the carpal tunnel symptoms I was suffering from a pain in my neck that radiated down into my right shoulder. This was a soft tissue injury left over from a car accident in 2001. The pain in my neck and shoulder had grown increasingly worse over the weeks before beginning to see Barbra for treatment. Barbra is very intuitive, so with the first treatment on my neck and shoulder she was able to find that there was probably a pinched nerve creating the problems. She was able to give me temporary relief in this area and relax the muscles that were the size of Texas down to something the size of Maine! That was incredible! She and I worked together over the next few weeks and even though we weren't able to alleviate the pain completely, it had decreased tremendously! Little did I know that even after I finished treatment with her on my neck and shoulder, everything she had done had a "trickle over" affect. In the next few weeks the swelling began subsiding around the pinched nerve in my neck, the pain subsided to almost nothing and I got my smile back! That's something that had been missing since the pain began months earlier. The most amazing thing about the treatment that Barbra gave me was the carpal tunnel symptoms. They were gone after ONE treatment!!!! It's been over 6 months and I haven't had a single symptom. Since I use the computer constantly I might feel a twinge in my thumb area occasionally, so it's probably time for a "tune up". If I have to get ART treatments from Barbra twice a year, that's nowhere near the price I would have paid if I would've had surgery. Plus, the way she massages and manipulates your hands and wrists feels SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! If you are suffering from or if you know someone who has carpal tunnel symptoms DON'T GET SURGERY!! It's not the only answer! Try Active Release Therapy before you go down that road. I'm so grateful that I was saved from all that unnecessary pain. It worked for me! It might just work for you too! Thank you Barbra for helping me to smile and feel good again! I'm so happy that you came into my life, not only for your gift of healing but for the wonderful and giving person you are!"

Karen Mills, Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Mount Vernon, Washington